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Clever Small Kitchen Ideas to Help Maximize Your Space

Clever Small Kitchen Ideas to Help Maximize Your Space

By Shannon Wells


Whether you’ve joined the tiny house movement, live in an older home with a smaller footprint or are a city-dweller – our mission is the same. How can we squeeze the most functionality out of our small kitchens? Here are some of our favorite small kitchen ideas that’ll help you make the most of your space.

Hidden Surfaces

A cutting board cut to fit over your sink is a quick way to add precious square footage to your countertops. Bonus points for boards that keep your faucet accessible or have a built-in colander, making veggie prep a cinch. Stove covers are another simple way to work with the floorplan you have to get those extra inches.

Floating Tables

If you lack dining space, a floating table can transform an unused wall into an eat-in-kitchen in no time. Whether it’s ultra-modern or no frills, there’s an option for any style of small kitchen. For seating, choose barstools or folding chairs on hooks to keep clutter to a minimum.

Pull-out Pantry

If you have a few spare inches at the end of a cabinet or fridge, consider installing a pull-out pantry. These compact storage areas make the most of vertical space and, with the right trim, look as though they’ve always been there.


A skylight may not be a solution for counterspace woes, but it opens up a small room like little else. Small kitchens can be made to feel bright and airy with a set of skylights or even skylight tubes.

Toe Kick Drawers

Use the bottom frame of your cabinets to install toe kick drawers. These secret spaces are ideal for storing baking sheets, serving ware, extra linens or even your pet’s food and water bowls. Spring for the tap-to-open variety with a soft close drawer to add a touch of luxury.

Towering Cabinets

Make good use of every square inch and send your cabinets skyward. If you’re replacing your cabinets, be sure to run them up to the ceilings. If a kitchen renovation isn’t in the cards right now, use labeled bins to store infrequently used items above your cabinets.

Embrace Minimalism

More of an ethos than a design tip, but your small kitchen will feel bigger if it’s uncluttered and thoughtfully stocked. Don’t overcrowd open shelving and keep out only the appliances you use on a daily basis.

Go Monochromatic

A kitchen that’s all white or all light has a way of feeling more expansive than its floorplan lets on. Consider lightening up your space for an airy, open vibe.

Spread Out

If you have an open wall, transform it into functional storage by making it a gallery wall that maximizes your use of vertical space. Mix it up with pot rails, hooks, peg boards and magnet strips to store a wide variety of items all within arm’s reach.

Trick Out Your Cabinets

Before installing new cabinets, consider these simple ways to increase your storage with the cabinets you have. Under cabinet pull-out storage bins are perfect for produce and other frequently used items. Tip out drawers under the sink are ideal for sponge storage and make good use of otherwise inaccessible space. And, installing roll-out shelves in deep cabinets helps maximize those hard-to-reach storage corners.

Feature Full-Sized Flooring   

Skip intricate or small-tile designs when it comes to flooring. Instead, use large-tile options with neutral colored grout to make your kitchen floor feel as if it goes on forever.

Shannon Wells is a freelance writer, real estate agent and DIY enthusiast. She’s happiest when she’s in the middle of a home improvement project, which lucky for her, is most of the time.

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