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7 Things Homeowners Look for in a Contractor

7 Things Homeowners Look for in a Contractor

Whether a homeowner is considering a kitchen remodel or sprucing up a deck, it’s vital that they find contractors who will provide value, are easy to work with and will be good partners along the journey. As you know, renovations can stress homeowners but a top-notch contractor can make the process as easy and headache-free as possible. Ultimately, clear, two-way communication will help a good contractor plan for what clients really want while managing expectations around just how fast it can all be accomplished.  Whether you’re about to jump into a new project or looking for your next one, keep in mind these 7 qualities homeowners seek in a contractor.

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1. Honesty

Homeowners are looking to contractors for the guidance and expertise that will transform their dreams into reality. With honesty comes transparency on estimates, deadlines and expectation setting. When homeowners trusts you, they are likely to be more flexible and understanding when timelines are delayed or change orders become unavoidable.

2. Professionalism

Never forget that you are in a service business. While you may have a great deal of experience and may be comfortable “winging it,” homeowners deserve an explanation of your process and reasoning. Keep your licenses and insurance are up-to-date and be prepared to present documentation. Write clear contracts with deliverables and fees, and have contracts reviewed by an attorney.  And always show up on time to client appointments…being late is probably the easiest way to make a bad impression!

3. Strong Reputation

In our digital age, it’s easy for prospective remodeling clients to jump on Yelp, Angie’s List or other review platforms to make snap judgments about your pricing, quality and, well, your honesty and professionalism. While word-of-mouth is still a strong referral source, having an online presence is crucial. Consider building a website to bolster your online presence and to digitally showcase your track record.

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4. Consistent Communication

Homeowners are often eager to see progress on their project and investment! For large and small-scale projects, be sure to communicate frequently, especially at remodel benchmarks.  The backsplash tile won’t arrive for another two weeks? Update your client to manage expectations.

5. Quality

At the end of the day, homeowners want to be happy with the results of their remodeling project. But there is always a balance between cost, materials and the final result. Inform  your homeowner about their options, and how their choices could play out. By helping clients balance cost and quality wisely, you’ll put their minds at ease and prepare them for the final results.

6. Timelines

Your client is expecting their first child in five months and they’re hoping all renovations will be complete before the baby arrives. While not every homeowner has such a looming deadline, make sure you set expectations, discuss potential pitfalls, flag if materials are on backorder and make sure to communicate early and often. No one likes a big surprise at the end that their renovation will take twice as long as expected.

7. Value

Whether your client has luxurious or more modest tastes, homeowners want to know they’re getting top value.  If a homeowner favors a certain aesthetic but is running out of budget, offer alternative options that look and perform the same, but may be more affordable. This doubles as an opportunity to  show your honesty and professionalism! Homeowners are essentially looking for a solid partner and expert for their next project. Next time you sit down with a prospective remodeler make sure to manage expectations at the outset, to maintain a good relationship and consider platforms like Emprove, designed to help residential remodeling projects run more smoothly and with less friction, from the client’s first dream to final payment.

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