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Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2018

Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2018

Each year brings new home design trends, whether it’s exposed brick, rose gold or the long-forgotten days of sponge-walls and bean bag chairs.  In 2018 we’re seeing bold, clean and modern trends. Keep these décor trends in mind as you begin a room refresh this year.

Brass decor

With warmer tones than traditional stainless steel or brushed silver, brass accents and decor add classic elegance to any room.

Classic Bathroom
Classic bathroom design

Woven textures

Incorporating  simple baskets to your rooms adds glamour and international aesthetic. Woven texture is also a welcoming and inviting touch.

Sofa in apartment
Simple wooden sofa with DIY lights in white apartment

Geometric patterns

Bland walls? Geometric patterns add dimension and depth to your room and make an excellent focal point to center your design.

Living room interior with orange armchair
Living room interior with vibrant orange armchair, carpet, coffee table with flowers, hexagonal tiles on the wall, pendant light above, decorative ornate design. blank white wall for copy space artist template

Black and white decor

A timeless color scheme, black and white decor adds balance and contrast to your rooms.  Looking for a bold look? The contrast of black and white does precisely that and can be just as effective as more striking colors.

Contemporary Classic Bathroom Design with Claw Foot Tub
A modern contemporary classic bathroom design, furnished with a classic painted cabinet, sepia toned picture on the wall, exposed brick wall and a window, a claw foot bath tub and black and white tile pattern on the floor. Photographed in horizontal format.

Velvet couches

Traditionally velvet couches are synonymous with opulence and old-world luxury. But, thanks to new more resilient fabrics, velvet is making a comeback with its low-maintenance and stain-resistant  qualities.

Modern chic classic interior with violet velvet sofa
Rendering of a Modern chic classic luxury white European interior with violet velvet sofa

Floral patterns

From an upholstered couch covered in large flowers to wallpaper splashed in peonies, floral patterns are not going away. It’s the contemporary take on the stuffy and dated patterns in your grandparents’ home.

Interior of stylish sofa in a modern livingroom
“Interior of stylish sofa, chair, curtains and ornaments in a modern livingroom”

Natural and organic elements

Stone, concrete, granite and wood add a fresh and inviting look to any room. These natural elements make your room feel slightly raw and clean, while retaining a polished appearance.

beautiful dining room and kitchen in new luxury home with island and pendant light fixtures
Basking in the warmth of a morning sunrise, this luxury dining room and kitchen features elegant pendant light fixtures, glass doors, a wood beam ceiling, and a kitchen island. Is fully furnished

Closet revamp

Organized closets are always in, but each year brings new modules to maximize your closet space and make switching out that bag or storing those extra ties even easier for the modern person that is constantly switching accessories.

3d rendering minimal white brick walk in closet
3d rendering interior design

Bucket sinks

These vintage sinks seems to be in every new and trendy hotel and restaurant. Bucket sinks, also called Trough sinks, are farmhouse-chic with a touch of industrial, adding balance to your bathroom.

Country kitchen counter with tile backsplash and deep sink
Kitchen interior with large rustic white porcelain sink and granite stone countertop under sunny window

Dark, rich walls

Sick of those clean whitewashed  walls? You’re in luck because bold dark walls are popping up everywhere. These walls are the renaissance of retro glamour, but with modern color palettes.

Luxurious bedroom interior
Luxurious bedroom interior with dark red wall, king-size bed and elegant lamp

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