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Modern Master Bedroom Ideas: Photos, Designs, and Tips

Modern Master Bedroom Ideas: Photos, Designs, and Tips

Modern design is not just for your living room or den – it can work in your bedroom too where neutral colors and clean lines guide form and function. Modern design, especially mid-century modern design, is a trend that is popular for almost every room of the house, so why not the master bedroom

What is modern design?

It’s often confused with contemporary design, which is anything new, while modern design dates back to the 1800s and is marked by Asian and Scandinavian influences. Mid-century modern came into fashion in the 1950s, exploded in the 1970s, and hasn’t lost its luster since.

Wooden bedroom interior modern design

Plenty of options

Thanks to the undying popularity of modern design, creating a modern master bedroom today is a relatively easy task. You don’t have to look far to find pieces and furniture to decorate your bedroom – in fact, much of what IKEA carries is considered modern.

Image of spacious bedroom with modern stylish furniture copy spa

Neutral colors

Modern decor is minimalistic and colors are neutral with pops of bright orange, flamingo pink and chartreuse (think throw blanket, decorative pillows or a chair). Depending on the furniture you are going to place in the room, a color palette of grays, beiges and browns will allow the pieces to take center stage.

Contemporary Master Bedroom

Lighting to set the mood

As with most rooms, lighting is typically an overlooked feature in the master bedroom. When decorating to match a certain period, like modern mid-century, lighting should complement the room’s style or risk standing out from a different era. Modern and mid-century lighting is simple and has clean lines, and is typically made from brushed metal or wood. Lighting is more about function in modern design than anything else. Lighting is a fun way to add a splash of color into the design, as many stores and online retailers carry bedside table lamps in a variety of colors and styles.

Modern bedroom and modern bathroom

Geometric Patterns

While a mid-century modern look relies on uncluttered space, adding accessories and artwork is not out of the question, especially geometric prints, patterns and textures. Color can also be an important accent to punctuate a neutral space. Painting an accent wall a deep or bold shade that ties in with other pieces of furniture can add an element of surprise, as can a feature wall made of reclaimed wood.

Modern luxury home bedroom.

Elevate furniture

There’s no better nod to modern design than elevated furniture such as a platform bed rather than a traditional headboard and footboard. Elevating the bed is another way to keep the room feeling open and clean.

Luxury Interior design in bedroom of pool villa with cozy king b

Add some personality

Once you have all your design elements in place, be sure to mix in a few personal touches to keep your modern master bedroom from feeling like a showroom.

Modern Luxury Bedroom
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