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How to Select a Contractor for Home Design

How to Select a Contractor for Home Design

Embarking on a home renovation project is exciting – but it can also be stressful and confusing. Our “Dream It!” and “Cost It!” processes make it easy to map out your style and design preferences in a way that seamlessly aligns with your budget. But how do you navigate the contractor bidding process? Here are some top tips that homeowners should follow when selecting a contractor:

• Vet contractors through a competitive bid process. Does your best friend have an amazing contractor recommendation? You should absolutely consider personal recommendations, but don’t rule out contractors you haven’t met yet. Using a comprehensive, competitive process gives you the tools to compare contractors and ensure you get the best service, quality and value for your specific project.

• Check their online reviews. How can you tell if a contractor is reputable? It can be tricky to evaluate as many smaller contractors may have a significant amount of project experience but haven’t necessarily worked on as many consumer projects, leaving them with fewer reviews to sift through. Also, keep in mind that online reviews are all relative – you may be able to glean more from detailed reviews. Pro tip: Check the Better Business Bureau to cross-check the name of your contractor so you identify any red flags, such as complaints or lack of experience.

• Meet them in person. Meeting with your contractor prior to signing on the dotted line will allow you to get a sense for what it’s like to work with them. Remember that this person will be entering your home for a period of time so make sure that you feel comfortable with that. Go with your gut: do they appear trustworthy, transparent, and open? Pay particular attention to how they walk you through their process, and don’t be afraid to ask important questions, including coming to agreement on the timeline, scope and other pertinent details around your project. Don’t forget to get it all on paper! Great contractors want you  to be happy with the work that they will do – and you can show your appreciation with a great review.

We are firm believers that this process can and should be mutually-beneficial for both contractors and homeowners. By following these guidelines, we hope that all parties can walk away thrilled with the final results.


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