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Home Improvement Made Easy for Realtors

Home Improvement Made Easy for Realtors

By Jacquelyn Nause


Realtors add a lot of value to real estate transactions, and their assistance often extends well beyond the closing. Realtors can help coordinate bids, provide references for contractors and give design opinions for clients who are looking for home improvement ideas.


What You Need to Know

Inman, a leading news source and industry leader for real estate insight and analysis, recently presented Emprove as a “valuable tool for listing agents.” Here are a few of the ways agents can benefit from the tools Emprove offers:

  • Utilize at open houses to show potential for outdated spaces
  • Show buyers pricing estimates for upgrades before writing an offer on a property
  • Share project plans and visuals with contractors to ensure clear communication
  • Suggest improvements during listing presentations
  • Create project plans and quality-based pricing estimates for clients


The Emprove platform gives consumers and contractors an interactive way to work together during the design and build process—so it can also be a great resource for realtors, not only throughout the home selection process but also as a tool for obtaining and retaining clients. Realtors form relationships with many contractors and provide a segue for clients who want repairs or renovations completed at any stage of home ownership.


Consider these ways to use Emprove to build and sustain your real estate business.


Help Clients See Potential

When helping clients choose a home, many factors play into their decision. Location, budget, amenities, size and finishes are important considerations for buyers. Sometimes, they are able to find a home that fits their every want and need. Other times, they need help seeing the potential in a home or space if it were renovated. Maybe a design or structural change is needed, or maybe just a change in flooring or paint colors.

After the inspection process and successful purchase, there could be repairs or other energy-saving renovations that new owners want to make to their home. These can range from plumbing or electrical repairs, to new windows and doors or an upgraded HVAC system installation. Browse pre-designed plans with clients to show them potential ideas and give provide an estimate of costs. What makes Emprove unique is the SnapPrice Estimator which provides a visual representation of upgrades within a new space using actual pictures of the space to estimate costs for specific upgrades.


In helping a client get a home ready for sale, use Emprove to suggest light improvements or upgrades, and coordinate bids from local contractors.


Know the Best Home Improvement Ideas

It’s important that real estate agents are up to date on design trends, as well as know about renovations that get the best return on investment. Realtors are trusted advisers for clients looking to update their home with new finishes, but realtors also need to appeal to a range of buyers. Knowing what features and finishes are in demand helps set up your remodeling clients for success when they go to sell their home.

On Emprove, you can help you client choose based on style, finish levels and budget. Use Emprove to help your client plan by room, estimate the cost of projects, learn DIY tricks and and more, using the tips found on the blog. EEmprove Concierge services offer even more ways for homeowners to create comprehensive, custom-tailored project plans to ensure a successful home renovation.


Speak Knowledgeably

Real estate agents can use the resources on Emprove to learn about construction and materials in order to speak more knowledgeably about these things with clients. It’s important to be a trustworthy advisor when it comes to quality workmanship, construction methods and materials. Being able to refer past or future clients to reputable contractors adds value to a realtor’s business.  


Stay Top of Mind

Emprove offers plenty of shareable content for newsletters and social media so real estate professionals can stay in contact with clients as well as network with potential clients.


As Inman notes, Emprove is a “very easy, fun way to show sellers and aspiring homeowners how much a renovation might cost.” Use Emprove’s in-depth tools to break down every detail of a home improvement project in a simple interface that won’t overwhelm a client. Emprove has every resource for realtors to best serve their clients by giving home improvement ideas, recommendations and local contractors to get the job done well and within budget.


Jacquelyn Nause is a contributing writer and real estate agent with specialties in design, parenting and wellness. She enjoys traveling with her husband, being a doting mother to her two incredible kids and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest playground.

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